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Fiberglass products that are applied in various sectors of the industry.

  • Buses: bonnets, bumpers, doors, interior lining, steps, boots
  • Railway Carriages: Interior lining of windows and sanitary facilities
  • Freight Vehicles: air deflectors, bumpers, fenders
  • Building Machines: Full bonnets of machine engine compartments, tanks for road maintenance and repair machinery
  • Agricultural Machines: Tanks of spraying machines up to 5,200 litres 
  • Playground/Sports Ground Equipment: Fiberglass boards for multi-purpose sports grounds, children's slides, house for children to paint
  • Sanitary Equipment: Bathtubs and shower booth trays, relaxation lounger Loungerie


Physical and Mechanical Properties:

  • High strength
  • Low weight
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Various difficult shapes


The custom production of self-extinguishing fiberglass lining; matt, glossy and structured PU coat finish.